Ariel (nickname: Mimi). Queer. Latina (woohoo tica/costarricense y peruana) y indígena. Light-skinned WoC. Bean-Town Local. Dreams of returning and living in the Land of Enchantment.

Lover of black cats, pit bulls, pugs, recreational rock climbing and hiking, many different fandoms, nonprofit and charitable work, fatshion and learning to self-love. I fancy myself an art hobbyist and you may or may not see some of my art up here (I tend to forget to blog on my art tumblr).

I was never the lady for selfie bathroom pictures. Is this a regression? Oh well. #Feelinggreat

  1. molololo said: My love - you are adorable!
  2. sunnyflora said: You’re so gorgeous! ; v ;
  3. melon-meister said: cutie pie <3
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